This term we have been learning about reggae music, focussing on the song ‘Three little birds’ by Bob Marley. We have thought about the tempo of the song and the dynamics of the music. We also discussed the vocals and the instruments that are used within the song. We began by listening to and singing this song. We are now learning to play the recorder to this song, we have started by learning the notes A, C and G. We can’t wait to perform our song to the other classes at the end of this unit of work.

Mystery Visitor

On Wednesday, Year 3 were surprised to find that over night an unexpected visitor had been into our classroom. We were left clues to find out who had visited. We learnt how to use the information stated or implied to form predictions. We carefully used to clues but we had very different ideas as to who we thought might have visited and why they would choose our classroom. Some of our ideas included Elsa, Jack Frost and The Snow Queen. We are now hoping that the visitor returns with more information for us. If you have any ideas yourself, please visit Year 3.