Terrible Tudors

Today Year 3 and Year 4 visited the Selly Manor Museum in Birmingham to learn even more about the Tudors and how life was very different to what it is now.

We started the day looking around the house and noticing the differences in day-to-day life. We learnt about different types of foods, gifts, medicines and clothes that would have been around in the Tudor times and how this would be different for the rich and poor. We found out Selly Manor would have been a house that many people would have lived in together, however servants would not have been able to live there.

We spent the afternoon playing traditional Tudor games and dressing up. We also learnt how men and women would have greeted each other before dinner.

We all thoroughly enjoyed learning about Tudor life although we did find that we would not have liked many aspects of their lives, including the steep staircases that we had to climb to get to the next floors.

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