Super Scientists!

In Year 3 we have been learning about light. We first discovered that darkness is the absence of light and we completed an experiment to see how much light we need to be able to see different objects.

After this we discovered that light is reflected from smooth and shiny surfaces because the light bounces off, we also learnt that dull surfaces do not reflect the light. During our experiment we noticed that all of the shiny surfaces that reflected the light also had our reflection in them.

We looked closer at reflections and used a range of different mirrors and shiny objects to see if all reflections are the same. We noticed that some reflections make us look bigger, smaller, wider, taller or even upside down. We grouped the objects according to what reflection they gave. Now we are going to learn about the effects of sunlight and how this can be dangerous to our skin and eyes.

Outdoor and adventurous activities

In Year 3, we have started our new topic of outdoor and adventurous activities as part of our P.E. Lessons. To begin with, we learnt how to read a map and how to look for where the clues had been hidden.
On Tuesday, we were given a map of the playground and we were shown where 10 letters were hidden. We needed to read the map to find where the letters had be hidden and then figure out what the message said. We discussed what would make it easier for us to find out the message.
On Wednesday, we were given another map of the playground but this time the letters had been numbered as we decided as a group this would help us.
At each point there was a letter to record, we were timed to see how long it took us to collect all 10 letters and figure out the message.