Happy Easter

Hello Year 3,

Happy Easter to you all!

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well at home just like Mrs Dennis and I are. It is very strange not being at school each day and we are missing seeing all your smiley faces and hearing about all the lovely things you have been doing.

I have been spending lots of time thinking about you all and wondering what you have been doing. How are you keep yourselves busy? I have been spending some time in the garden, painting and making sure that I am doing my school work too. Mrs Dennis has been busy completing a jigsaw puzzle. I have been spending lots of time planning some exciting activities ready for when we are back at school- I’m hoping this will be soon!

Over the next few weeks, I will be updating our class page with some new home learning tasks, that you may wish to complete with your families. If you have any questions about this please email postbox@rushall.walsall.sch.uk.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter and that we will see each other again soon.

Keep smiling!

Miss Hawtin x

Stone Age

In History, the children are learning about the Stone Age. They have investigated how we find out about times that have happened in the past and how the people who lived during those times used to pass on their history in different ways.

The Stone Age people would paint and draw pictures of the walls of caves to pass on their history and how they used to live.  The paintings that have been discovered would tell a story about their lives and used a way to communicate with other people living in those times.

The children enjoyed looking at lots of different images and discussing what they saw, liked and what they may have used to paint and draw.   We turned our classroom into a cave to design our own paintings using a variety of different paints, chalks and crayons.

We have been extremely curious learning more facts about the Stone Age, investigating what their diet would have been and the homes they would have lived in.

The children wondered how their diets would have been different to ours and bravely dissected some Stone Age ‘poo’!  Through their investigation, they discovered that Stone Age people were hunter-gatherers eating a diet of berries, nuts and seeds and later on, when they had designed weapons and tools, meat and fish.

The children learned that there were different periods during the Stone Age and as time went on, the Stone Age people became more clever and developed tools to build better homes.   We investigated the names of the homes, what they were built from and how their features changed over the years.    We then enjoyed making a model of one of the homes out of clay and other materials – we even had some models of Stonehenge!

World Book Day 2020

To celebrate World Book Day 2020, lots of our children and staff came to school dressed up as characters from books. In the morning, the whole school gathered together in the gym to watch a performance of ‘The Greatest Fairy Tale Ever Told’ by Hobgoblin Theatre Company. The play contained lots of fairy tale characters that we recognised and Year 3 especially enjoyed the funny parts. During the rest of the day, we challenged ourselves to make a house for ‘The Three Little Pigs’ that couldn’t be blown down and to make a ‘Snow Queen’ story box. We used different materials to make our houses and tested them using a fan. None of our houses fell down because we all showed fantastic team work.

Super Sewing!

Year 3 have been learning how to make a 2D design into a 3D product. We decided we would like to make a hand warmer to help Kay from the ‘Snow Queen’. We started by designing our product and thinking carefully about what would make a good design. We have now been using our sewing skills to practise different stitches, we will use this to decide which stitches we want to use on our final product. We can’t wait to show your our finished hand warmers.


This term we have been learning about reggae music, focussing on the song ‘Three little birds’ by Bob Marley. We have thought about the tempo of the song and the dynamics of the music. We also discussed the vocals and the instruments that are used within the song. We began by listening to and singing this song. We are now learning to play the recorder to this song, we have started by learning the notes A, C and G. We can’t wait to perform our song to the other classes at the end of this unit of work.

Mystery Visitor

On Wednesday, Year 3 were surprised to find that over night an unexpected visitor had been into our classroom. We were left clues to find out who had visited. We learnt how to use the information stated or implied to form predictions. We carefully used to clues but we had very different ideas as to who we thought might have visited and why they would choose our classroom. Some of our ideas included Elsa, Jack Frost and The Snow Queen. We are now hoping that the visitor returns with more information for us. If you have any ideas yourself, please visit Year 3.

Terrible Tudors

Today Year 3 and Year 4 visited the Selly Manor Museum in Birmingham to learn even more about the Tudors and how life was very different to what it is now.

We started the day looking around the house and noticing the differences in day-to-day life. We learnt about different types of foods, gifts, medicines and clothes that would have been around in the Tudor times and how this would be different for the rich and poor. We found out Selly Manor would have been a house that many people would have lived in together, however servants would not have been able to live there.

We spent the afternoon playing traditional Tudor games and dressing up. We also learnt how men and women would have greeted each other before dinner.

We all thoroughly enjoyed learning about Tudor life although we did find that we would not have liked many aspects of their lives, including the steep staircases that we had to climb to get to the next floors.


In Year 3 we have been learning about the Tudors. As part of our Tudor topic we learnt who King Henry V111 was and why he married 6 times. We used this Tudor wives song to help us remember why King Henry had 6 wives.

We used the information we had learnt about the six wives to make booklets about them.

Fantastic French

In Year 3 we have been learning and using French greetings. We learnt that in French to say hello to someone you say Bonjour, to say hi you say Salut, to say good evening you say Bonsoir and to say goodbye you say Au revoir. We then practised using them with our peers. Test us to see if we can greet you in French as well as English.

Share a story..

This morning, Year 3 shared their love of reading with their brand new partnership class, during a quality reading session. They each selected their favourite book or story ready to read to their peer in Nursery. All of Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed reading stories to the younger children and getting to know their new ‘buddies’. During the session, the children were all able to talk to each other, discussing why they enjoyed the story.